Disc Spring

Disc Springs Manufacturer and Supplier

A disc spring, is also called as a “Belleville washer” which consists primarily of a convex disc supported at the outer force and an opposing force on the center of the disc. Disc springs are used singly, or in stacks, to achieve a desired load and travel. The advantage of a disc spring is to generates high force in a very short spring length and with minimal movement when compressed. Spring disc are subject to exacting manufacturing and quality control standards.

All discs are preset so that they will not significantly relax under load over time. Spring also offers pre-stressed disc springs specifically sized for use with bolts Disc Springs have a unique combination of high force in small space with customized combinations. Disc Springs are conically formed angular discs, which are loaded in axial direction. Disc Springs can be used as single disc or arranged in stacks Disc springs are particularly suited for use in applications which require a high force.

The disc springs come with or without contact flats. The purpose of contact flats is to help in alignment during stacking, but they reduce the lever arm length and therefore cause an increase in the spring force.