Parallel Key

Parallel Keys Manufacturer and Supplier

Parallel Keys are stocked in C45k key steel, with a minimum tensile strength of 60Kg/mm2 and Stainless Steel grade A4. standard machine keys are the Parallel Key. and Parallel Key are with many options like square ends, round ends, or one square / one rounded. As well as standard engineers keys, which is also custom-manufacture.

Specifications of Parallel Keys:

  • Parallel Key DIN 6885A / ISO 2491A / BS 46 Type A; Round Ended
  • Parallel Key DIN 6885B / ISO 2491B / BS 46 Type B; Square Ended
  • Parallel Key DIN 6885AB / ISO 2491AB / BS 46 Type C; One Rounded, One Square Ended

Parallel Keys is used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. These keys are used in all types of automobiles and sub-assemblies like engines, gearboxes, starters, alternators, fuel injection pumps. Parallel Keys are used in industries, where power transmission requires to lock a gear, a pulley, or a coupling. We are one of the manufacturers and suppliers of Parallel Keys with the range comprise Both End Flat Plain Parallel Keys, One End Round Parallel Keys, Both End Flat Parallel Keys and Taper Keys.